Courier Recommendation Engine


AI-based courier selection to help you make the right decision

One of the biggest challenges for an eCommerce company is to pick the right courier partner for shipping its products. Major key metrics such as delivery time, freight rate, and customer satisfaction depend on the courier you choose. To make this decision easy and error-free, we have created an intelligent tool that recommends the best courier partner for each of your shipments. The recommendation engine takes into account more than 50 data points.

How Does CORE Work?

With CORE, you get four settings to select your preferred courier partner:

  • Best Rated: Courier partners with the best ratings across all parameters for the selected source and destination pin code.
  • Cheapest: Courier partners with the lowest rates.
  • Fastest: Courier partners with the fastest delivery time.
  • Custom: You can also select your courier partners manually and make it your custom preference.