Post Ship

Post Ship: An Unparalleled Post-Purchase Experience

Give your buyers a seamless post-purchase experience with customized tracking pages, marketing banners and regular SMS, Email notifications.

Keep Your Buyers Updated With

Detailed Tracking Information

Inform them about every movement of their package, so they rely on your store with every purchase

Tracking page with complete Information

Find all order details like order id, product details, name, and phone number on this tracking page

Real time order tracking

Inform buyers as and when their order moves. Make every detail available to them!

Estimated date of delivery

Give your customers an approximate delivery date with the help of our Machine Learning backed technology

Regular email & SMS updates

Utilize our API integrated platform to keep your buyer updated with SMS and Email updates about their package

White labeled tracking pages

Customize the tracking page with your brand logo, name, and support details

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Tracking Page That Provides

More Than Just Tracking

Hand in a few more features that go a long way in re engaging with buyers!

Promote other products

Promote different products to buyers on the tracking page with dedicated banners

Links to external pages

Add more value to your buyer’s experience by linking to other pages in the menu of the tracking page

Learn about your buyer’s experience

Gather information about your buyer’s experience by providing them with a Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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