Simplified eCommerce Fulfillment, Warehousing and Logistics Operations

Give your customers a premium e-commerce shipping experience with Shiprocket’s tech-enabled fulfillment centres.
No Storage Fee if Your Product Ships Within 30 Days Processing Rates Starting from Rs. 11/unit

Why ChooseTezship Fulfillment?

Nearly 49% of customers say same-day or next-day delivery makes them more likely to shop again

Increase Consumer Satisfaction

  • Increase Delivery Speed By Up To 40%

    Choose a fulfillment centre nearest to your customer and offer faster delivery.

  • Next-Day Delivery

    Offer next-day delivery to your customers by choosing a fulfillment center closest to their residence.

  • Industry-Standard Operations

    With our fulfillment experts, experience seamless picking, shipping & hand over an absolute damage-free package to your customers.

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

  • Faster Intra-City And Intra-Zone Shipping

    Tezship Fulfillment has fulfillment centers across the country, making shipping within cities and within zones much faster.

  • Reduce Shipping Costs By Up To 20%

    Reduce shipping costs drastically by decreasing distance between the customer’s residence and your warehouse.

  • Decrease RTO By 2-5%

    With increased customer satisfaction owing to on-time delivery of products, you can now bring down your RTOs by a substantial margin.

  • Lower Weight Discrepancy

    Find detailed reports of orders for which a weight dispute has been raised. We are here to help you save time and money.

Flexible Fulfillment Model

  • No Additional Warehouse Investment

    Avoid investment in additional warehouse management infrastructure. WithTezship fulfillment, invest that money in other facets of your business.

  • Quick Onboarding

    We believe in minimal paperwork and avoid lengthy integration formalities. Connect with us and start delivering orders to your customers fast.

  • Accommodate A Surge In Order Volume

    TezshipFulfillment will always keep sufficient storage space for your inventory In case of rising order volume.

Single platform for order, inventory, catalog and logistics management

Save time by accessing all of your orders, inventory details, catalog and shipping details under one platform.

A Complete End-to-End Fulfillment Solution

Business Impact

  • Faster Delivery At Lower Cost

    40% increase in delivery speed; reduction in shipping costs by up to Rs. 20

  • Increased Revenue Generation

    Reduced order cancellations, resulting in higher sales; 2-5% reduction in RTO

  • Reduced Fulfillment Cost

    Lower investment in warehouse infrastructure; reduced inventory handling cost

How To Get Started With Tezship Fulfillment

Step 1

Connect your store and send us your products.

Step 2

We stock and manage your inventory.

Step 3

Your customer places an order.

Step 4

We ship the order to your customer at a lightning speed.

Hassle-free Fulfillment is Just One Click Away!

Learn More About eCommerce Fulfillment​

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